We’re on a mission to Build a more profitable entertainment ecosystem

Less middle men and
more direct access to the art.

More ways for users to profit
More ways for Engagement
Own royalty rights to some of your favorite songs on SIKI
More payment
options than any other platform

About us

SIKI is a blockchain-based multimedia platform dedicated to building a more sustainable entertainment ecosystem. Founded in 2021, SIKI is created by young professionals and specialists who leveraged their experiences in the field of music, entertainment, technology, investment, and cryptocurrency, among many others, to create a revolutionary online community.

What is SIKI

As the first of it's kind to be built on the Hedera Hashgraph blockchain, SIKI looks to reinvent the current ecosystem of artists, influencers, and media curators. At its core, SIKI looks to increase monetization for all creators, while also rewarding community members for their engagement on the SIKI platform. For automated royalties and data collection, SIKI uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) paired with other smart contracts. SIKI tokens, the Company’s internal cryptocurrency, in addition to others, can used for tipping, royalty payment, staking, creating NFTs, buying NFTs, and much more.

The Problems SIKI Looks To Solve

SIKI plans to solve many issues and innovate in newer ways. Here. are a few things we wanted to solve early on.

Listeners  are undervalued

Music listeners are not paid for their playlists no matter how popular. Most artists don't even realize how much their fans have done to help push their music.

Selling song royalties is not for everyone

It is easier to buy apple stock than your favorite local or major bands royalty splits. Making it too difficult for mainstream adoption.

Lack of Engagement

Apart from sound-cloud the major music platforms allow for no social engagement between artists and fans, or even fan to fan.

Payment Delay

Music platforms leave artists
waiting months to receive their
royalties. SIKI allows the transaction to happen instantly.