Hedera $1.5 Million Giveaway

SIKI is hosting a $1.5 Million Giveaway.
The contest is slated to start April 2022.

How long is the contest

The competition will last 1 year. For 365 Days all of the data, participation and engagement with the HEDERA chain and Hedera community within SIKI will be recorded. A SIKI / HEDERA Score will then be produced from all data collected.

The artist and listener with the highest SIKI/Hedera Score will be the named the winners.

What is a SIKI Score

The entire SIKI ecosystem is gamified. Every aspect of participation and engagement within the SIKI platform rewards users with points.

The Hedera contest will count and record ONLY the SIKI Scores earned through using and participating with Hedera inside of the SIKI platform.


For every Hedera based song / playlist listened to, Liked, shared, tipped, subscribed will add to your score. For every Hedera playlist and song minted, Hedera NFT sold or bought will add to your score. For Hedera based playlist chat rooms all participation will add to your score.

No Cheating

Any participant found to be gaming or cheating the system will be disqualified from the contest.

SIKI Gaming A.I.

All of the metrics and parameters
that are taken into account will grow monthly. The SIKI Score is based off an average of your points spanning across 100's of parameters.


The SIKI / HEDERA Score is tracked and recorded across iOS/Android and Desktop versions of SIKI.

It all about engagment

Mint, engage and support with Hedera based NFTs and communities within the SIKI platform to earn the
highest SIKI / Hedera Score. 

Track your SIKI / Hedera Score

Track your SIKI / Hedera Artists Score and Curator (listener) Score in the 
Dashboard of your SIKI profile page.

Contest Rules

We will be posting in-depth rules and terms of participation here shortly.